Master Degree in African Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (MDEC)

The Master Degree in African Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (MDEC) is a joint award delivered in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. This programme equips you with research knowledge and skills on more pressing issues of climate change, human factors, habitat loss and wildlife resources utilization. During the course, you will have a unique opportunity to visit and conduct your field trainings in the famous protected areas in Tanzania such as Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and Manyara.

Master Degree in Tourism Management (MDTM)

The Master Degree in Tourism Management (MDTM) is designed to enhance students' knowledge and skills in the tourism industry, including digital marketing, destination management, and research. It serves as a foundation for Ph.D. students and equips graduates with advanced research methodologies and presentation skills. MDTM graduates can specialize in various fields, such as digital marketing, sales, customer service, or business development, preparing them to become future leaders in the tourism sector.

Master Degree in Conservation Leadership

This course is designed for high-level wildlife managers, practitioners, and planners in the wildlife and natural resource management sectors, aiming to strengthen their leadership skills and provide effective leadership in sustainable wildlife and natural resource management.

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