Prof. Alex Kisingo, Illuminates College's Vital Role in Wildlife Management on Clouds Radio's Jahazi Program

Professor Alex Kisingo, the Deputy Rector for Academic Research and Consultancy of the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, recently took to Clouds Radio's Jahazi program to shed light on the pivotal role of the institution in wildlife management.

During the program, Prof. Kisingo shared captivating insights into hyena behavior, revealing fascinating details about their movements in search of food.

Highlighting the remarkable abilities of hyenas, Prof. Kisingo disclosed that these creatures are known to travel distances of up to 70 kilometers in pursuit of sustenance, only to return to their dens to breastfeed their young—a behavior that underscores their resilience and adaptability in the wild.

Prof. Kisingo's expertise in wildlife management was further showcased during an event commemorating three years of Hon. Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan's government. At the event, he emphasized the significant contributions of CAWM to the field of wildlife management, emphasizing the crucial role of proper education in preserving wildlife populations.

The discussion not only delved into hyena behavior but also highlighted the extensive training provided at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka. Prof. Kisingo underscored the importance of such training programs, which equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and conserve wildlife.

The College's training programs go beyond theoretical classroom instruction. They include immersive field visits to various protected areas, such as national parks, allowing students to observe wildlife in their natural habitats. These experiences provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in wildlife management, fostering a holistic understanding of conservation efforts.

As Prof. Kisingo continues to share his expertise and insights, CAWM remains at the forefront of wildlife management education, preparing future generations of conservationists to safeguard our planet's precious biodiversity. Explore more about the extensive training programs offered at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, and discover the profound impact they have on wildlife conservation efforts worldwide.