This section is headed by a Senior ICT Administrator I.  It is charged with the following functions:

• Analyses, designs and programmes large size applications

• Assists in managing a team of programmers working in large projects

• Installs server operating systems

• Assists in managing server operating systems

• Manages networks.

• Solves hardware/software problems.

• Administer networks (including back up, security Management, user account Management, email systems including             email web server, internet access, office systems and applications support.

• Creates and maintains files’ systems


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Eng.  Joseph F. Mramba

Senior  ICT Administrator  I.

(Head ICT)

BengCo (Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering), DIT-DSM.
F.T.C (Full technician Certificate in Computer Engineering), DIT-DSM.Msc study Leave IFM

Simon T. Kiondo ICT Administrator I BSc.Information Technology, St.Stephano Memorial University College, Masoka; Diploma in ICT, St. Stephano Memorial University College, Masoka
Sydney Lawrence Senior ICT Technician Diploma in Information Technology,Institute of Finance Management (IFM).F.T.C. Full Technician Certificate in Electronics &Telecom Engineering), DIT-DSM

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