This department is headed by a Head of Research and Consultancy. It is charged with the following functions:
• Providing research and consultancy opportunities and services,
• Coordinating research and consultancy activities,
• Facilitating in developing research proposals,
• Developing and reviewing  research and consultancy policies and procedures,
• Liaising with different organizations on research and consultancy matters,
• Implementation and monitoring of research and consultancy policies and procedures.
• Soliciting research funding, and
• Reviewing research proposals and papers for publication.

List of members of Research and Consultancy Department




  Alex W. Kisingo

Senior Lecturer and Head of Department – Research, Consultancy and Postgraduate

PhD -Environmental Governance (University of Victoria, Canada); MSc.  Wildlife Management and Conservation (University of Reading, UK); BSc. Wildlife Management (SUA, Tanzania)


Elibariki H. Shilla

Assistant Lecturer Study Area Coordinator and


Master of Climate change (Australian University, Australia); MSc. in Education for Sustainability  (London, South Bank University); Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management and Development (Australian National University, Australia); BSc. Wildlife Management (SUA, Tanzania)


Rehema A. Shoo


PhD - Biodiversity Management (University of Kent, Canterbury, UK);  MSc.  Wildlife Management (SUA, Tanzania); BSc. Wildlife Management (SUA, Tanzania)


Moses P. Njole

Assistant Lecturer

MSc. in Leisure, Tourism and Environment (Wageningen University, the Netherlands); BSc. in Wildlife Management (SUA, Tanzania)


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