The organization structure represents management set up which consists of four levels including the Governing Body, Office of the Rector, Deputy Rectors and Heads of Departments.

In order to realize its mission the College developed the following strategic objectives that shall be used to measure organizational performance:

High quality demand-led training developed, delivered and maintained,

Research and consultancy services improved and sustained,

Efficient and effective management systems developed and maintained;

Sustainable income sources developed and maintained,

Human resources capacity improved and sustained,

High quality demand-led support services developed and maintained, and

Infrastructure, facilities, equipments and physical environment improved and maintained.

The above strategic objectives are the basis for the formation of the College organization structure.

Governing Body

The Governing Body is the highest decision-making organ of the College. It is responsible for governing, controlling and administering the College.

Rector's office

This is the office of the Chief Executive Officer charged with the following responsibilities:

Facilitating learning of academic programmes in the College,

Ensuring  implementation of the decisions of the Governing Body,

Administering enforcement of by-laws and regulations made by the Governing Body,

Formulation and implementation of policies to enhance the academic excellence of the College,

Promoting good relations with the Government and other organizations,

Promoting efficiency in the academic activities related to training, research and consultancy,

Ensuring control and administration of the College, and

Ensuring proper management of the College human, financial and physical resources.

The following units fall under the office of the Rector; Internal Audit, Procurement Management, Legal, Dean of Students and Public Relations.

Internal Audit Unit

The unit is headed by Internal Auditor with the following duties and responsibilities;

Ensuring implementation of  internal auditing,

Ensuring the economical and efficient use of all physical, human and financial resources,

Ensuring the integrity and reliability of information, accounts and data disclosed in the financial statements,

Facilitating the existence of financial controls,

Ensuring that the College budgeting process is followed, and

Safeguarding the College assets.

Legal Unit

The unit is headed by Legal Officer with the following duties and responsibilities:

Ensuring indexing, filing, registering Government/College notices and all other legal documents and their safe custody,

Compiling evidence relevant for court cases involving the College,

Attending registration of all legal documents and probate matters,

Taking charge of documents and correspondences of already assigned cases,

Dealing with all legal routine correspondences addressed to the College,

Drafting prescribed legal documents and forms,

Filing  and appearing for legal proceedings in courts, and

Providing legal advice.

Procurement Management Unit

The unit is headed by Procurement Management Officer with the following duties and responsibilities:

Managing all procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity except adjudication and the award of contract,

Supporting the functioning of the Tender Board,

Implementing the decisions of the Tender Board,

Planning the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity,

Recommending procurement and disposal by tender procedures,

Checking and preparing statements of tender requirements,

Preparing tender documents,

Preparing advertisements of tender opportunities,

Preparing contract documents,

Issuing approved contract documents,

Maintaining and archiving records or the procurement and disposal process,

Maintaining a list or register of all contracts awarded,

Preparing monthly reports for the Tender Board,

Serving as secretariat to the Tender Board, and

Coordinating the procurement and disposal activities of all the departments of the procuring entity.

Dean of Students Unit

The unit is headed by Dean of Students with the following duties and responsibilities:

Ensuring the preparation of students’ orientation files and relevant information,

Ensuring preparations and organization of orientation programs for newly admitted students,

Preparing and controlling the budget for students’ welfare,

Monitoring and evaluating students’ social welfare at the College,

Coordinating counseling and guidance to students,

Coordinating students’ culture, recreational and sports activities at the College,

Overseeing and advising the Students Council,

Issuing permits to students who may experience emergencies that need absence from Campus, 

Ensuring that the College Rules and Regulations guiding the students life at the College are observed,

Taking appropriate actions where such Rules and Regulations are violated, and

Supervising the general election of the Students’ Council,

Public Relations Unit

This unit is headed by Public Relations Officer. It is charged with the following functions:

Facilitating  in editing, printing and distribution of promotional materials,

Analysing public criticisms and complaints,

Facilitating  in production of promotional materials,

Preparing and facilitating radio, television, newspapers and  other news media programmes for the College,

Managing and coordinating publicity activities of the College,

Promoting and handling public relations activities of the College,

Facilitating marketing of the College.

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