The vision of the College is “to become a center of excellence for professional and technical training to address the challenges of wildlife sustainability in Africa”.

The long-term mission of the College is “to provide the highest standards of technical training by engaging a global community and undertaking relevant research and consultancies in order to meet the needs of wildlife and tourism management in Africa”. This will be achieved through:

  • Providing relevant skills and knowledge to wildlife and tourism managers through a diverse range of practical wildlife and tourism management training Programmes to influence the right attitude; and
  • Carrying out research and consultancy work to enhance the College’s performance and sustainable development.

Core Values
CAWM will provide services to its students, sponsors and the general public while observing the following core values and principles:

  •  Delivering quality services efficiently;
  •  Committing to wildlife and biodiversity conservation principles;
  •  Committing to sustainable wildlife tourism principles;
  •  Adhering to professional ethics;
  •  Being client-oriented;
  •  Being creative and innovative;
  •  Respecting the law and being loyal to the Government; and
  •  Practicing honesty, fairness, accountability and transparency

Student Organization

The College of African Wildlife Management Students Organization (CAWMSO) constitutes a structure through which students become ..

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Why study at CAWM

Modules are conducted in such a way that practical is given high priority with a focus in wildlife management. Some of our modules are dedicated to equip the students with... .

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