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College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka (CAWM) was established on 24th June 1963. Since its establishment, 50 years ago, the College has celebrated significant achievements. It is the only institution in Tanzania to be awarded the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) International Sasakawa Environment Prize. This prize is given to laureates with a proven record of achievement in the sector of environment, and has the potential to make outstanding contributions to the environment consistent with UNEP's policy and objectives. Since its establishment in 1963 the College has maintained a stringent academic discipline, its qualifications being justly renowned both within Tanzania and internationally. The College grew from 25 students from five African countries (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Cameroon) in the academic year 1963/1964, to 502 students in 2011/2012. For the past 50 years the College has trained over 5,000 wildlife managers from 52 countries worldwide (28 African countries and 24 other countries in the world). The College is accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) of Tanzania, and the number of training programs has grown from two in 1963 to ten (eight NTA Level Programs and two Postgraduate Diplomas) in 2012. The College also offers a variety of short courses in wildlife management and wildlife tourism. These and other achievements have established Mweka as the only training institution in this sector for the region recognized as a Center of Excellence by the East African Community (EAC).

Social services and sports

The College has sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games including a soccer (football) pitch; courts for lawn tennis, squash, basketball and volleyball, table tennis, darts...

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Student Hostel Accommodation

Student hostel accommodation is available for about 334 students on a non shared and shared occupancy basis.  Rooms are allocated to students on a first-come first-serve basis.

Research& Consultancy

This department is headed by a Head, Research and Consultancy Department, This department is headed by a Head, Research and Consultancy Department...

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The Library will operate in accordance with the current Library Rules and Regulations agreed by the College authorities. These rules are issued to students upon arrival at the College.

Student Government

The College of African Wildlife Management Students Organization (CAWMSO) constitutes a structure through which students become ..

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Why study at CAWM

Modules are conducted in such a way that practical is given high priority with a focus in wildlife management. Some of our modules are dedicated to equip the students with... .

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